New to Massage? Six things to know!

Masseuse/Masseur/Massage Therapist For the majority, its massage therapist. I personally don't care. But a masseur is a male, so please don't call me that one.

Clothing Take off whatever your comfortable with! I have massaged fully dressed people many times, its definitely an option. Its completely up to you. That being said, if you're getting a Swedish massage, the more you take off the more fluid the massage will be and the better the techniques will feel. Thai massage is fully clothed.

Draping You must be draped(as mentioned before). It is illegal in Missouri. yes. Illegal. Actually, its illegal in most states. If you ask not to be draped don't be surprised if you're turned away. Therapists can never know the true intention of a client even if you say "its completely innocent." We have to be cautious. Back to glutes... If you're uncomfortable taking off your underwear for glute work, just know that a good therapist will drape you properly so the gluteal cleft(your "part" or "separation") will not be exposed.

Glutes Its important to note that most therapists view the gluteal region simply as the top of the leg. And, we don't really want to see your booty anyway. We do, however, want to relieve your low back pain, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, or whatever it is that's ailing you. If you're a runner and you dont have your glutes massaged, you're missing out. Glute work can potentially increase your running time, decrease your pain, prevent injury, and help you achieve your goals.

Hygiene Do shower before a massage. Clean your feet well. You do not need to put on make up or any scents like cologne or perfume. Do not smoke right before a session. Its not kind to the therapist or the next client to have to smell you after you've left. Now, if you have to pass wind, that's fine, you just gotta sometimes.

Talking Please make it known if you want to talk or not talk. I do have clients that I chat with, if you are one of them please tell me to shut up. I do not like talking when I get a massage, so I TOTALLY get it. You will never offend me. Its your massage, time, money, you get to choose.

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