5 things your Massage Therapist wants you to do.

Communication is everything! How is your therapist supposed to know you like or don't like something if you don't tell them? They can only relax your mind, not read it. So, please speak up if anything is bothering you or if you really like a certain thing they are doing. Here are a few things to think about that can make or break a potentially great massage.

  • Talk about Pressure is too light or too deep. Just say, "can you go a little deeper or lighter?" If its your first massage its likely you'll get slightly less pressure because your muscles aren't prepared for deep tissue. If you choose to lie about this, you will almost certainly be sore the next day and up to 3-5 days after the session. We aren't doing this to be mean. I promise. We want you to benefit from your session! Some of us weathered therapists can usually spot a newbie. Don't take offense to this. That's just silly.

  • Go to the bathroom The last thing you want to think about for 40 minutes is, "I have to pee" so do yourself a favor and go before the session. And, try not to drink a gallon of coffee before a massage. ;)

  • Tell them if you are cold/warm You can ask for the table warmer, an extra blanket or removal of a blanket. Here in Missouri you must be draped at all times. It is up to the therapist if they're ok with you using towels vs sheets. Likely therapists have a fan or AC control. If not, a drink of water may cool you down.

  • Go ahead and Fidget You can move during a massage. We'd prefer you scratch the itch, move a hair, adjust your positioning, and stop thinking about it. Do not let it bother you during the whole session.

  • Tell them to stop talking Do you have a talkative therapist? Do you want them to just be quiet? You can politely tell them, "I'm going to try to fall asleep" "I want to shut down for a bit" or just flat out "I don't want to talk" Just remember, if you start talking there is a possibility the therapist is going to take that as you wanting to talk. Some people relax through conversation and talk during every massage. Again, communication is key. This one is very important because talking can ruin a session for some people, don't let it be you.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I would love feedback!

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